I love my life.

Nothing’s really changed since kindergarten. I get to wear flip flops all the time, play with creative people, and pretend to be a different character every day. Only I get paid to do it. What could be better?


My favorite gig? I’m the voice of the “talking bus” for Richmond’s Greater Transportation System. You could say I tell people where to get off, but that might sound rude. I like to say that I tell people where to go.


Oh, wait.


Never mind.


In addition to a voiceover talent, I’m also a stage, TV and film actor. Here are some recent, representative projects:



Shelter (with Julianne Moore) 2009

Nights in Rodanthe (with Richard Gere) 2009

Lake City (with Sissy Spacek) 2008

Premonition (with Sandra Bullock) 2007


Three Rivers, CBS Pilot, Guest Starring role 2009

Dawson’s Creek, WB, recurring role

American Gothic, CBS, recurring role

Homicide: Life on the Streets, ABC, as Mildred Bettis

I’m also an author or co-editor of eight books and two plays. If you’d like to know more about that, please look me up on Amazon.com, or visit my author website.